Saturday, 17 April 2010

Shinty Match

Went to Lochcarron Shinty Pitch to photograph the match in the cold rain.
Now I'm not much of a sporty person, a bullying PE teacher at school, being a geek, being a girl, and being scared by all the macho shouting at Rugby touch line as a tiny tot all contribute to this, plus I can't stand macho drinking lad culture.  However it was impossible not to get sucked in watching this game. What I loved was the emotion and focus on these guys faces, the supportive team spirit, that young teens are playing alongside blokes not far off 50. It was a tough gig to photograph, times they got real near I had to shift quick it to stay out of the way. Love the mad shapes that their bodies throw in action, also you can see how fast it all moves by in some pictures they're all looking opposite directions, 'spot the ball' ? no chance.
So young men- channeling energy into fast and tough team sports supported by the older generation ? all good.

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