Sunday, 21 March 2010

goodie bag packing

every year at Hi-Ex, we give 'attendees' bags jam packed with freebies, these are all sorts of things donated from comics publishers, film companies and all sorts, its incredible how generous they all are! This year thanks to the ever helpful Alan Henderson's tip off we got 500 Hardbacked graphic novel books donated by the European Union publications office. other great stuff from Panini, Beano, Markosia, DC, Rebellion, MVM anime company, Dark Horse, DFC libraries, Forbidden planet & more !

The first 500 folks through the door will be very lucky!  Rich on packing and the folks we can rope into box lifting duty however are NOT. I should also thank the couriers & posties at this time of year who patiently trudge all this stuff down our steep steps.

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